2016 News.

19th October - Round 2 of the F1D Team trials for the European Championships 2017.

For this year, the ITC had decided to run 2 Trials only so that the better percentage score for each Trials determined the entrants overall place for Team selection.

The A and B standards were left at 8.15 and 7.45 using 1/3 motors as before. Experience at Slanic had shown that a maximum of 0.15g for the motor + O ring was optimistic when it came to predicting performance in the mine when compared with times at Brabazon. Therefore the limit was reduced to 0.145g from the breakdown of 0.133g for rubber and 0.012g for the O ring.

The 1st Trials was held during the Nationals in mid Sept when the weather was pleasantly warm with buoyant air conditions so many big times had been posted. This time, being mid October, the conditions were much cooler (13 – 14 deg C) but with reasonably low humidity at around 50 – 55%.

As usual, using most of the available height was essential for good flight times; much depended on the quality of the let down.

The main contenders all produced consistent sets of results after a slow start while the conditions settled and improved. Flight times were higher than might have been expected in the prevailing conditions.

1st Trials

1 Mark Benns 10.24 + 10.32 20.56 100%

2 Martin Judge 9.42 + 9.29 19.11 91.64%

3 Tony Hebb 9.21 + 9.32 18.53 90.21%

4 Hans Staartjes 8.59 + 9.46 18.45 89.57%

2nd Trials

1 Mark Benns 10.35 + 9.49 20.24 100%

2 Tony Hebb 9.21 + 9.15 18.36 91.18%

3 Hans Staartjes 9.09 + 9.15 18.14 89.38%

4 Martin Judge 7.52 + 7.47 15.39 76.72%
Final Results (Better percentage score from 2 Trials)

1 Mark Benns 100%

2 Martin Judge 91.64%

3 Tony Hebb 91.18%

4 Hans Staartjes 89.57%

Indoor Duration Nationals 2016.

This was the seconf year we've had at the Brabazon hangar and a wonderful time was again had by all with great weather, flying conditions almost ideal for the 3 days too. Good competition and great company from 28 competitors with a couple of our regulars away on holiday. Our thanks to the 4 N. Ireland flyers for making the long round trip - good to see you all.

You can see the results of all the classes and a new overall champion - Tim Chant. Congratulations on a terrific performance.

Increased site security this year due to earlier incursions onto the site by travellers but this was readily managed by David Bradley our Bristol Aero Collection Trust representative. Despite heavy Friday morning traffic everyone managed to get there on time - amazing.

The Nationals is far more than competitiions in the top duration classes, by far the majority of flyers were competing with simpler models such as Gyminnie crickets, 35 cm Challenge, Limited Pennyplane etc filling the air most of the time. The warm bouyant air above about 60' claimed a few models as they kept on climbing above the massive girders only to fly onto the beams where they'll probably outlast us!

The large floor space meant we had few mid airs though I did see Mark repairing the wing of his delicate F1R after a reported LPP strike.

On Saturday evening we held a dinner at The Bowl Inn, Almondsbury when we had 27 eager diners, delicious food and great company - probably to be repeated. We even managed 18 for an informal dinner the previous evening at the local Redwood Farm.

I'll write a more detailed review for the BMFA magazine in due course but do have a quick look at the results table here.

If you have yet to attend the Nationals then please think about coming along next year, as I said above its not just for the top competitors but an opportunity to fly something simple and learn from others. You can attend any day or days you wish. Give it a try - it'll be 3 days in September again.

Final thanks to David Bradley of BACT without whom we would not have access to this fantastic venue, not only that but he gives up his weekend to supervise proceedings.

F1D Team Trials.

There will be two F1D Team Trials at the Brabazon this year for the 2017 European Championships. The first will be on the Saturday of the Nationals in September (Results are shown in the above Nationals results table) and the second on the19th October.

The Brabazon hangr provides a pretty perfect venue for preparing for the salt mine in Slanic as the ceiling height is just about 1/3 of the 165 ft. available there.

Of course the mine is at a fairly constant 12 degrees so the Brabazon hanagr on warm September days is not quite the same......

This was immediately clear when Mark flew a couple of 10 minute + flights, astounding. I was a little over confident and put the model away after a couple of decent 9 min + flights only to discover - too late - that the others had also taken advantage of the good air and beaten me!!

Especial congratulations to Martin Judge who flew into second place, great stuff.

Mark's 100% score is so far ahead of everyone else that team places will almost certainly be determined by the Round 2 scores.

I'll let you know how that goes in October, so watch this space.

2016 World F1D Championships - Slanic, Prahova 11th to 15th April.

Widely expected to be the tightest of contests in recent years this event did not disappoint with the final placings for both Team and Individual not being decided until the final rounds.

In the event top individual honours went to Yuan Kang Lee (USA) who was returning World Champion, quite a feat, followed closely by Zoltan Sukosd and John Kagan. Top team placing was won by Hungary, in second place the USA team managed to keep their reputation intact for always taking a podium place since the inception of the Championships. In third place was the team from Great Britain - well done guys!

A full set of results may be found by clicking here.

The NW Gala was held at the Manchester Velodrome in February - a report and full results may be found here.

New Indoor Meetings:-

Bryan Stichbury has asked me to circulate the following meeting details.

I am trying to arrange indoor flying at the Grange in Midhurst ( Gu29 9HD) West Sussex, on Sunday May 15th From 10 am to 4pm.
Rubber free flight only. No R/C. Maximum wingspan 18".
Admission £10.00. BMFA members only. Proof of insurance essential. No insurance means no flying.
Depending on attendance, slots for general flying, duration( F1L, LRS, etc.) and scale.
Floor area 107ft *58ft, ceiling height approximately 30ft.
Cafeteria on site, car parking currently free on Sundays.
Bryan's telephone number is 01730 812 485.

In a similar vein there is a 2 day event being held in Nijmegen in November as follows:-

Dear Flyers,

The NLC would like to invite you all to the 6th International Indoor Fly In. This year the event will take place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of November. Invitation and entry forms for this year may be obtained from tony_hebb@hotmail.com.

At the beginning of October everyone who has sent their entry form will receive an email with more information and a timetable for the weekend.

Hope to hear from you or otherwise see you in November at Nijmegen.

Regards, Bernard Bruins, Luis Bautista, Gerards Brinks,Wout Moerman, Roel Lucassen.

The North West Gala was held at the Manchester Velodrome on Saturday 21st February, you can find a full report and results here.