2017 Indoor Duration Nationals.

Please click here for the results from last weekend's Indoor Duration Nationals at RAF Shawbury. Congratulations to our new National Overall Champion Neil Stewart who flew really well in 5 classes to amass 25 points, Bob Bailey in 2nd with 23 and Peter Dolby in 3rd with 22 - well flown everyone.

Following the loss of the Brabazon hangar this was our first year in RAF Shawbury and despite some adverse warnings from people who have flown there before conditions were overall pretty good, a little drifty perhaps but since we were in a low ceiling venue easily resolved with the help of steering poles. The Sports Hall at RAF Shawbury looks pretty unappealing from the outside but the interior has been well fitted out and maintained by the RAF and this made for an enjoyable experience over the weekend. The hangar is divided into 2 large areas about 30 feet high in the centre with usual sports hall netting separating the two, this made it easy for us to fly everything at the same time with lightweights in the smaller of the two areas.

On the Saturday evening we held an informal dinner attended by 23 flyers and partners at the nearby Fox and Hounds pub, great food (if a little late for some) and good company.

On the Sunday we had some really good prizes and auction lots donated. Chief Raffle and Auctioneer Mark Benns managed to raise £160 or so towards the Indoor contest fund, great stuff.

Thanks go to John Minchell of the local club and Dave Whitehouse for arranging the venue, Mike and Gwynedd Colling for the unenviable task of scoring 12 classes and the NOC results so promptly and Mark who was our CD.

F1DTeam Trials for March 2018 World Championships in West Baden Springs, USA.

Three rounds were held at Werrington Leisure Centre, Peterborough during May, June and July.

Flying was done on 1/3 motors comprising 145mg rubber and O ring, best 2 flights from max. 6 per day overall best 2 days from 3 to count towards qualifying total.

Mark Benns came out on top closely followed by Tony Hebb and Hans Staartjes with Martin Judge as first reserve.

Slanic European Championships 2017.

Otto Hints Memorial event and practise day. (11th - 14th March 2017)

Slanic as ever confusing. During first 2 days of Otto Hints air probably turbulent with around 50 modellers and 100 tourists running around. Whatever it is Mark is flying thicker rubber and I'm taking pitch off my props. Good practise and familiarisation with the environment again though I'm sure. Built up to flights of 22 to 23 minutes so not all bad. Of course others were able to return 26 to 27 minutes, we're getting there.
Yesterday was a rest day as the mine is closed on Mondays, many new motors made and other adjustments completed before we set off for Ploiesti and found a decent Italian place in a new shopping mall for lunch - so we all had pizzas!! Nice!
Tuesday was official practice day and there were few people around which meant the air was much better. Martin and Mark were flying full motors around the 23/24 min mark, I was a little behind this with half motors of 11:30 or so. Not unhappy with models, just lacked turns.

European Championships - Day 1.

Not been a bad day, though the air this afternoon was distinctly iffy in places - obviously as usual Treger and Mangelea were not in those places.......
Top scores in Round 1 were Treger 27:04, Mangelea 26:43, Hebb 25:57, Marilier 23:33
Round 2 Treger 29.43 (a new World Record), Mangelea27:40, Hebb 24:02, Marilier 24:11.
In Round 1 Martin had very good flight going but snagged the model on a steer for 12:37, Mark flew 22:35. from a low climb.
Round 2 Martin steadied himself with a good 20:18, Mark had a decent climb but hit bad air on descent for 20:56.
All happy though, Martin has a spare wing and plentiful props so just a bit of trimming to maintain a reserve model.
Looking forward to tomorrow, what has Ivan got left up his sleeve I wonder since he had to scrape his model off the roof twice today- mainly in front of me!

Day 2.
Beautiful weather here today, sunny skies but still cool - of course we only see the last hour of it but hey ......In fact I've just spent the best part of that hour finding then fixing a leak in my balloon as Aurel thought it would be better to cut out the middle man and just put the helium into the atmosphere, thereby doing us all a favour!
Overall a day of improving scores for Team GB, perhaps not as much as we would have liked but you know how it goes....
At close of play we are in Bronze team position and 4 minutes behind the Hungarian team - Zoltan is not yet quite in his stride so probably a bit of a hill to climb there.
Top scores in Round 3 were Treger 27.26, Mangelea 27.46, Sukosd 26..23 and Hebb 25.21. Mark had a 24.12 and Martin 21.40- all of these were improvements on earlier scores.

Once more for some reason scores in the afternoon session were low, Treger. 23.32, Mangalea 24.30, Zukosd 25.00 and Hebb 23.58. Mark had 23.14 and Martin 20.35 - both of the latter two flights improved the Team GB score.
Individually we have Treger, Mangalea, then Sukosd just 5 seconds ahead of Hebb.
Team places are Romania, Hungary, UK, France, UK Are just under 3 minutes behind Hungary.
Still this is F1D and since the best two flights count everything can change by the end of tomorrow's 2 rounds......we shall be going for it!

PS my balloon still leaks – must be another hole somewhere, oops!

Day 3.
Well the good news is that there is no bad news!
None of the top 3 contestants improved their overnight scores but the GB team did.....
Tony flew a 26:48 and a 27:24 for a new British Cat 4 record and taking individual bronze with Treger gold and Mangalea silver.
The team placing was very exciting right down to the last flight where we stood an outside chance of a gold! In R5 Mark flew an excellent 25:35 which was DS at about 40', Martin a good improvement of 22:57 then 22:49 in Round 6 leaving Mark with the unenviable task of making a 2 minute improvement for gold! As you would expect Mark gave it his all but ended in the roof and a steering attempt pushed the model out and down the wall - great try though.

As it turned out this was good enough for a team silver - we were well pleased......

Our German friend Uwe flew really well to take fifth place with his last 2 flights of 24:33 and 25:19 - something obviously rubbed off from spending so much time with us!

Team scores were Romania 151:40, GB 149:45 and Hungary 145:27.

Great week, for the full results follow this link:-