Adjustable Wing Stands.

Until I saw these I just pinned the cross pieces onto the uprights. This is much better. The cross pieces are just push / friction fits onto the 1/4" dowel uprights.

wing stand and deflection gauge001
wing stand and deflection gauge004

Jig for attaching wing/tail tubes.

I really didn't like this task until I made this simple jig, now its a breeze - click here for the article.

wing tube jig

Patching Holes in OS Film.

OK you've just rescued your model from the roof beams and this time you've managed to put a hole in the film - you really don't need to recover the wing - try this neat OS Film Patching Guide from Bob Bailey.


If you can stand a couple of extra milligrams of weight then these teflon coated metal fishing tackle rings are great - they weigh about 10/11 mg each. Cut and paste this link into your browser window:-
Beware the very small uncoated rings - I've had a bad experience with them cutting small motor sizes. They obviously can have sharp edges.

A gadget for handling small balsa items - by Rodney O'Neill.

Rodney - balsa gadget